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Carter Marsh & Co.

‘Exceptional English Clocks & Watches’ 2023

Including the first and last of Tompion and Graham’s celebrated series of Grande Sonnerie clocks

We are enormously excited and hugely privileged to be selling this remarkable and important collection of ‘Exceptional English Clocks & Watches’ and are thrilled to be celebrating the opening of The Treasure House Fair 2023 with some serious and extraordinary horological fireworks!

The collection includes the very first and last of Tompion and Graham’s celebrated series of Grande Sonnerie clocks; The Silver Tompion, c.1677 (exhibit 2) and The Iberian Graham, c.1736 (exhibit 19). Spanning nearly 60 years, these were predominantly commissioned by the reigning monarch, and often used as political diplomatic gifts for European sovereign princes. Quite apart from their extraordinary and unsurpassed mechanical excellence, they form arguably the most historically important series of English domestic clocks ever produced.

The catalogue continues with more exciting and rare examples, all by Thomas Tompion, Joseph Knibb, Daniel Quare and George Graham. With provenance becoming increasingly important, we are fortunate to know the history of many of the items, whose initial owners include King Charles II, The Duke of Newcastle, and the Earls of Kenmare, while subsequent owners include the well-known collectors Percival D Griffiths, David Arthur Wetherfield, Seth Atwood (The Time Museum), Francis Vitale, and Tom Scott.

The fully illustrated 234 page Exceptional catalogue is available as a pdf here – while each of the individual 20 exhibits, with their images and additional information, can be viewed above within ‘Exceptional 2023’. The printed hardback catalogue is available on request for £50.

Important ‘Exceptional 2024’ Selling Exhibitions:

· Monday 27th June to Sunday 2nd July – at The Treasure House Fair, South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3 4SR.

Entrance to The Treasure House Fair is by ticket only and, if you are thinking of joining us there and would like to book a ticket in advance, please contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you in Chelsea and Winchester.

Jonathan & Darrell