11 inches ( 28cm ).


Flame Mahogany veneered case with gilt glazed bezel and  chased gilt Lion paw feet with sliding shaped rear panel revealing the movement.


Convex white fired vitreous enamel dial with black Breguet numerals and finely cut blued steel Breguet moon hands. Simply signed in script above the 6 ” Breguet “


The two train spring driven striking movement with single tandem barrel and single winding square for both trains having rectangular brass plates with canted top corners with pierced backplate exposing the bridged wheel, anchor escapement  steel rod with loop for the winding square leading to the brass bob. The hours struck on a single bell.

This interesting movement has Breguets Jump hour hand.

The hour hand remains on the hour whilst the minute hand travels around the dial, just before the next hour the hour hand jumps forward one hour.

Breguet noted that whatever the time the hour remained the same until the next hour was reached as such the there is no confusion as to what hour is shown.


8 days.


Made for Monsieur Hottinguer in Pluviose An 8.


This dating system was used for a short period of time after the Revolution but strangely not adopted until 1793 and abolished in 1806, thus 8 being the 8th year from 1793 as 1794 would be An 1,  1795 would be An 2 and so on which gives us a delivery date of 1801.


Monsieur Hottinguer 1764 – 1841 was a banker and close friend of Breguet’s. Originally from Zurich he began his career in Paris before the Revolution opening his own banking business in 1786 and France’s first insurance company in 1787. He returned to Switzerland during the Revolution and spent time in London where he married the daughter of the wealthy Redwood family. Breguet’s records show that this piece is among a total26 purchased by him or gifted by Breguet himself.


Anchor with silk suspension to the steel and brass pendulum, regulated via a knurled thumb screw to the backplate.


Superb original condition throughout.