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Carter Marsh & Co.

‘Horological Treasures’ 2024

A selection of outstanding pieces covering more than three centuries of horology

We are very excited to be attending The Treasure House Fair 2024 and will be exhibiting a wide range of pieces from this remarkable and extensive selection of ‘Horological Treasures’.

The exhibition includes important and rare examples from collectors all around the UK, from clocks by Thomas TompionJoseph Knibb and George Graham to the Vulliamy and Dent families. Of huge interest is the royal commissioned Hanover Tompion, a magnificent grande sonnerie striking and repeating turtle-shell table clock, one of only two in private hands, and further, the Habsburg Tompion, a grande sonnerie phase 3 table clock made for Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. We also have the Scott Cumberland, a year-going Tompion grande sonnerie table clock with perpetual calendar, restored over a period of more than ten years for Tom Scott by a team of the finest craftsmen in the horological community. Sadly Tom never saw the result of his vision, having passed away in 2012.

The fully illustrated 234-page Horological Treasures catalogue is available as a pdf here – while each of the individual 44 exhibits, with their images and additional information, can be viewed above within ‘Treasures 2024’. The printed hardback catalogue is available on request for £50.

Important ‘Horological Treasures’ Selling Exhibition:

Thursday 27th June to Tuesday 2nd July – at The Treasure House Fair, South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3 4SR.

Entrance to The Treasure House Fair is by ticket only and, if you are thinking of joining us there and would like to book a ticket in advance, please contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you in Chelsea.

Darrell and the Carter Marsh team