The Golden Age of English Horology
Masterpieces from The Tom Scott Collection
by Richard Garnier and Jonathan Carter

  • 480 pages in full colour; 24cm by 30cm; hardback
  • Fully illustrated coverage of all clocks in the Scott Collection Essays on specialised subjects:
  • Queen Anne’s husband as Tompion’s most ambitious patron, including newly discovered royal provenances
  • The discovery and restoration of Tompion’s most complicated spring clock
  • The possible identification of the “lost” Third Greenwich Observatory clock
  • Tompion’s small and mid-sized domestic spring clocks
  • Revised checklist of Geo. Graham’s clocks and watches by J Evans & R McEvoy
  • Classification of Dan. Quare’s clocks and barometers
  • The “Longitude” Harrison unique “plane table” surveying compass

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  Tompion’s most ambitious patron and the Scott-Cumberland clock

  Masterpieces from The Tom Scott Collection

Hardback limited edition of 500 – £125 plus carriage
Leather bound limited edition of 85 – £350 plus carriage

  Daniel Quare, his clocks and barometers

  John Harrison, land surveyor, and the Longitude Act

Thomas Tompion 300 Years
By Jeremy Evans, Jonathan Carter and Ben Wright

  • This 664 page fully illustrated book examines Tompion’s life and work from several fresh and revealing angles:
  • Chronology with almost every recorded contemporary reference to Tompion including those from the journals of Robert Hooke and Constantyn Huygens, as well as previously unpublished bills, receipts, bank records, etc.
  • A detailed account of the evolution of the designs of cases and mechanisms, and the methods of production, discussing how the workshops may have been organised.
  • The customer list contains every recorded customer and visitor to his shop, with details of their acquisitions.
  • A chronological overview of Tompion’s watch production together with discussion regarding the workmen involved, and including a list of the marks they placed on his watches.
  • 280 fully illustrated pages showing Tompion’s table clocks, longcase clocks and pocket watches, some not previously published.
  • An updated version of the list of extant items produced by Tompion and his employees – clocks, watches and instruments

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  An 80 page insight into the design and construction of Tompion’s clock
  movements and cases.

  An illustrated listing of Tompion’s known customers and visitors to his shop


Hardback limited edition of 750 – £175 plus carriage

  120 page illustrated chronology with references to Tompion, including
  those from the journals of Robert Hooke and Constantyn Huygens

  280 fully illustrated pages of Tompion’s clocks and watches, some not
  previously published.