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Some Exceptional English Clocks

An important new Selling Catalogue for 2022

Especially to celebrate 2022, our 75th year in Winchester, we are delighted to announce we have curated a small but extraordinary selection of ‘Some Exceptional English Clocks’ and are thrilled to be starting the New Year with some serious and proper horological fireworks!

Each clock is remarkable, and all are by the finest makers of the Golden Age of English horology – Edward East, Thomas Tompion, Joseph Knibb, Daniel Quare and George Graham. They are available to be viewed, by appointment in Winchester, from January through to March 2022.

We are lucky to know the provenance of many of these rare items and, where possible, we have included their previous owner’s biographies – as well as the houses in which they resided. To do them the justice they deserve, our new ‘Exceptional’ catalogue is a fully illustrated, colour, hardback book of 198 pages.

The ‘Exceptional’ catalogue is available as a pdf here (click on the image) – while each individual item with their images, information and comments, can be viewed above within the ‘Exceptional’ section above. Meanwhile the printed hardback catalogue is available for £45.

The longcases include a rare architectural clock by Edward East c.1668, an exceptional and unique ‘special’ month-going example, The Roman Striking Tompion c.1680, and one of only three miniature longcases known, The Callander Knibb c.1683-5. We are particularly excited to offer a previously unrecorded month-going walnut longcase, The Eywood Tompion c.1699.

The table clocks are represented by a notably fine example of Tompion’s rare and aesthetically delightful mid-size Phase 2 table clocks, The Bradby Tompion c.1703 (1 of only 4 examples known signed by Tompion alone), next are exemplars of three Phases of Joseph Knibb’s spring clocks (I to III), with a range of complicated strike work, almost last and perhaps least (but only from a size point of view), is a quite charming miniature striking table clock by Daniel Quare c.1711, followed by an exceedingly rare, fully engraved, archetypal table clock by George Graham c.1723.

Important ‘Exceptional’ Selling Catalogue: Clocks available for viewings by appointment, from January to March 2022, at 32A The Square, Winchester.

Perhaps Sotheby’s and Christie’s could learn something from Carter Marsh & Co.”  Scott Reyburn, International New York Times

Winchester shop

Our business is now 75 years old and busier than ever – we have been dealing in antique clocks and watches from 32A The Square since 1947, and have had an on-site workshop from the start. Together we have unparalleled experience in the field, with particular emphasis on the finest English clockmakers. This heritage has helped the company to handle some of the world’s most iconic horological pieces, and this continues today.

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Saturday, 9.30am to 5pm (closed between 1pm and 2pm – we know that’s old-fashioned, but we do like our lunch!).

Please see the contact us page for a map of Winchester and places to park.


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