48½  inches


The figured flat stem with a moulded C-scroll edge and centered at the top, within a leaf-tip-carved frame and flanked by pendent husks, the conforming crest surmounted by an urn, its turned body with a base of stiff leaves on a turned socle supported on a projecting moulded edge with dentil ornament above pendent icicles and draped leaves; the barometer tube continuing to a cistern enclosed by a  half-urn-shaped cover carved with stiff leaves, within moulded C-scrolls on a projecting conforming shelf supported on a pierced tripartite bracket.


Brass register engraved with barometric scale, indications of weather and with a sliding indicator encircling the barometer tube.


Purchased Sothebys New York 18/10/06 lot number 39.

Private collection U.K.