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Exhibit No. 2


19 inches (480 mm)


The 7½ inch (190 mm) diameter, narrow silvered chapter ring with a quarter division ring inside Roman numerals and fleur-de-lys half-hour marks. The brass dial-plate chamfered and shaped to slot and pin-fit within the front pillars, with a scribed-edge outer line, enclosing finely engraved flower stamen and scroll spandrel corners, with further scrolls and flowers within the chapter ring. The large silvered alarm setting disc engraved with stylised compass points within the Arabic hours, set against the tail of the pierced and sculpted steel hand.


The posted frame movement with Bowyer’s large pattern Doric columns, acorn feet with urns above, fixing the bottom and top plates. With matching pierced frets to the front and sides, the front finely engraved with a winged cherub flanked by terms above the engraved signature WILLIAM BOWYER FECIT 1636. The large bell supported within a brass standard with pins into the frame urns and fixed to the matching urn on top. The slot-hinged and shaped later brass side doors with turn catches to the front. The e trains contained within three vertical plates, the outer two of cruciform shape; the front-planted going train restored back to verge and balance wheel escapement with a steel crownwheel; the rear strike train governed by a countwheel, mounted outside the back cruciform plate, and striking on the large bell. #e bottom plate drilled for two counterbalanced driving ropes, the rear rope driving a restored alarm pulley mounted on the outside of the iron backplate


30 hour


Private European collection;
2004 with Anthony Woodburn, sold for £55,000;
John C Taylor Collection, inventory no.137


Garnier & Hollis, Innovation & Collaboration, 2018, p.131


Verge and balance wheel (restored)